Chapter 1

I want him to be able to see the horizon

Livia, 33 years old, is a lawyer, mother and lives on a boat. Exactly one year ago she and her husband Dani sold everything they owned in their super cute apartment in Pinheiros, São Paulo, packed a few clothes and moved to the sailboat Carcamano. They exchanged the balcony on Rua Francisco Leitão for the cockpit of a Delta 36.

The sailboat, just under 11 meters long, has 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. Dani jokes that he realized the dream of a open-concept kitchen and Livia loves the baths much hotter than the electric shower in their old apartment. This couple is pure light-heartedness and good humor.

Dani had always dreamed of living on board and over the 11 years of their relationship, Livia also became enchanted by the idea and fell in love with sailing. Amidst the pandemic, their dream of retirement was anticipated.

At that time, they already disered to increase their family and were looking for an apartment to buy in the city, even though they had never fully adapted to urban chaotic life. It would be a huge loan and an even bigger commitment.

It was Livia who initiated the change. Why not use the apartment savings and make our dream come true? What might have seemed like irresponsibility to many was, in fact, the most sensible decision.

Since then, everything has changed, starting with the arrival of the most smiling baby this coast has ever seen. Their attitude toward the environment, consumption levels, wardrobe, and work relationships have all evolved. Although both still work as lawyers, they opted for lighter positions and workload so that they could put themselves first and dedicate their time to raising their son. Livia wants him to be able to look at the horizon. And what is looking at the horizon if not being able to see that far away, where the sun rises and sets every day, there is a sea of ​​possibilities?

Of all that they left behind, the thing they miss the most is the blue armchair. It was where their dog Lilow waited her at the end of the day, where they were found comfort when one of the two wasn't feeling well, where they sat to listen to Dani's old school songs, always in the dim lighting. Memories of their past life that little by little share space with the memories they've built over the ocean.

The advice she gives to those who dream of changing their lives as she did is “do it”. Don't wait for retirement, wealth, or an ideal moment. Live today and if things don't turn out as expected or don't make you happier, you can always return. Wanting to go back doesn't mean f, but that failure, it means that it worked for as long as it was meant to. If necessary, change your course.

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