About Us

My passion for creative work and art grew too big to contain, and Galeria Verse was born from the overflow

Galeria Verse is the embodiment of Ellen Vertematte's passion for creative work and art. As the designer and goldsmith behind the brand, Ellen draws on her Brazilian roots and the inspiration she finds in the gemstones she uses to create unique pieces that are truly wearable works of art.

Despite earning a degree in business, Ellen has always been drawn to the world of art, whether through dance or painting. Her love for this creative pursuit eventually led her to create Galeria Verse, which blends modern, irreverent design with traditional, handmade processes.

With Galeria Verse jewelry, you'll find a unique fusion of art and fashion that reflects Ellen's vision and celebrates the natural beauty of each gemstone. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or an everyday accessory, you're sure to find something special in our collection.

Welcome to Galeria Verse, where passion and creativity come together to create stunning pieces of wearable art.