Chapter 6

It must be worth it!

Absolutely every childhood memory I have of Ellen is artistic. Sitting silently on the school floor building a model, braiding my hair, pirouetting backstage at theaters, helping me match my clothes, the cadence of her highly assertive comments countering her low voice… even her morning mood was artistic.

Anyone who knew her at all could see her natural vocation. She would easily lean towards a career in the art world, right? Hmm, not so sure.

For some reason, life sometimes spares us the shortcuts.

I confess that it brought me some surprise to see her occupying a position and the little visceral routine of a corporate vacancy. Practical and adaptable, everything suited her, but she lacked... soul.

And the soul always claims a place.

With a leap of courage, Ellen threw stability and business social status to the wind and undertook for the first time: Carmela was born. Your hands left the cold keyboard to venture into the metals and solders of handmade jewelry! It was exciting and scary in equal measure.

Gradually, the brand gained space in ears, necks and word of mouth. When Carmela finally started to collect her list of Brazilian clients, life invited her to a new challenge: winning the sympathy (and taste!) of the Germans.

With kilos and more kilos of tools in her suitcase and some butterflies in her stomach, Ellen left for Dusseldorf and inaugurated a new chapter in the old world.

The makeover deserved to be total and Carmela retired to make way for Galeria Verse: more mature, refined and equally authentic. Now women from Europe could also dress up and see themselves in the fun and bold aesthetics of Brazilian hands. And so it was.

The territorial change brought a new face to the gallery and tons of experiences to our artisan. Ellen confessed to me the multitude of feelings that filled her with her business: from the well-being and satisfaction that art brought her to the bitter spice of impatience and fear. Undertaking is to take steps in the dark, it is to go without knowing. And maybe for that very reason, it's about appreciation. Staying whole and betting on herself and her art becomes palpable when the artist manages to abandon the materialist logic of focusing on results and celebrate the process. As in a meditation, success comes second by second in the rhythmic breathing of the day. In each completed ring, each smiling customer, each meter of the journey.

Did I say path?

Well, it turns out it changed again! Personal paths have taken Ellen and her tackle box a little further west of the map: the city of Valencia has just welcomed yet another artist!

And all I can remember is the shy little girl on the school floor pasting a model. That same girl, my pride, my cousin... is taking over the world. More than that: it is earning itself. The company and the double migration launched her into a world of exposure, in which I saw her face her vulnerability. Insecurities, social networks, fear of public speaking (think of someone who paid to not present the science fair and who gave a workshop in Germany!!!)

As I write, I remember a sentence by the writer Steven Pressfield that I quote from memory: he says that the inspiring muses of Homer are out there throwing their creative ideas over our heads, for those who dare to overcome their resistance and embrace the courage to follow their purpose perform them.

It takes a little self-compassion to welcome ourselves in the possible falls. And a bit of courage to listen to the muses.

Valencia is one of the brave ones. Artistic and daring. Vigor and hot Latin blood open their arms to his art.

Make way for Ellen to arrive with the entire gallery.

There will be colorful,


There will be mornings with angry moods, very Spanish.

Above all, there will be life!

Valencia is worth it!

Text written by Ligia Vertematte

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