Chapter 7

Existing is an act of resistance

Little Ana was already a fashionista, she walked up and down in her mother's high heels, put lipstick on her lips, was super vain, paraded down the hallway at home and said she was going to live in France when she grew up. He was sure of what he wanted for his future. Not with the same certainty that I had that I would be a veterinarian, and then an astronaut, and then a store saleswoman. She was SURE that her future would shine in the city of lights.

Despite dreaming of the catwalk, always very down to earth, he chose to study advertising and advertising, and naturally began working with social media in the agencies he worked for. But in 2018, after graduating from college, he knew it was time to follow his true calling. By coincidence, fate or obstinacy, he discovered a master's degree in social media for fashion and beauty brands in Paris that fit him like leather gloves lined in satin. It was exactly what she was looking for. And there she went, armed with all the will, determination and Instagram posts for her new home.

Between the bureaucracy of moving country, linguistic challenges, domestic chores and a lot of studying, Ana also began to share her experiences through networks. Watching her walk through the streets of Paris was a treat with a taste of pain au chocolat. Impossible to resist. It had outfit tips, information about your course, history fashion, life style, and lots of people giving their opinions.

It was a comment about her eyebrows, nail style, hair length and her weight. There was also a charge for his activism. She, as a fat woman, felt obliged to always talk about this, teaching self-esteem classes, inspiring and being an example for so many women in need of reference.

But Ana is so much more than that. She is generosity personified, super intelligent, studious, loyal to the last strand of hair, and look how much she understands hair. Ana just wanted the freedom to be herself, to wear clothes that reflected her state of mind without each piece being a protest. She had to resist pressure to guarantee her right to just exist.

In fact, resistance could be your last name. Ana built her life alone away from her country, she experienced the pain of losing one of the people she loved most while she was away, she saw her life turn into The Devil Wears Prada working for a fashion guru who made her cook for her children and clean his home while suffering routine public humiliations.

Today, with thousands of followers, partnerships with important French brands, a guaranteed presence at Fashion Week and an invitation to the coolest events in Paris, Ana still has a lot to achieve. In search of a little more security and stability that she lacks in her career as a content creator, she envisions a future more behind the scenes, perhaps working with the social networks of a fashion brand? But calm down, fans, we'll still have a lot of her in our stories.

At the end of our conversation I asked her where the self-confidence and strength she exudes came from. She answered me beautifully that self-confidence is a daily struggle that we don't always win. Which is like life itself full of ups and downs. It showed me that self-esteem comes from respecting yourself and valuing your own feelings, not pushing yourself when you don't feel so good, but enjoying and celebrating sunny days.

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