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Movement Earring combines the beauty of silver and the purity of pearls in a special piece. With a brushed finish that gives a contemporary touch and organic, fluid shapes, this earring is an expression of life's constant movements.

The elaborate design allows Brinco Movimento to follow the rhythms of your daily life. Whether in routine or in moments of tranquility, this earring adapts with grace to your movements, capturing the essence of the journey.

Versatile and elegant, it is the perfect choice for any occasion. Use it to add a touch of sophistication to a casual ensemble, providing a focal point that brightens up even the most basic looks, or perfectly complement elaborate outfits, making it your ideal accessory for celebratory nights and special moments.

Be yourself, in constant movement, and allow Brinco Movimento to be a reflection of your dynamic lifestyle and the beauty that is always evolving.


Material: 925 silver, brushed finish, white pearls

Size: 5.5cm

Weight: 6.3g

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